Quartier Des Artistes 2016 A Boulduyre

Le Quartier des Artistes


The Quartier des Artistes, in the heart of the village of Thiré, is currently undergoing renovation to provide accommodation for artists and musicians, space for rehearsals, training and performances, and also for educational activities. Once completed, it will be a convivial place of exchange between artists and the public.

Les Jardins de Musique de William Christie would like to thank those who have donated to the Quartier des artistes.

For the Maison de la Fontaine:
Helen and William Little, M. Theodore Rogers and Mrs Elizabeth Barlow Rogers, M. Elward Bresett, The Versailles Foundation Inc., The Danny Kaye and Sylvia Fine Kaye foundation, the group Liébot and the group Ober 

For the Old Café, the Ballroom and the Barn:
Mercedes T. Bass Charitable Corporation, Mrs Sydney Houghton Weinberg, Mrs Elizabeth W. Smith, the Foundation Polycarpe, the Fondation du Patrimoine

For the Maison du Lavoir:
Messrs. Hottinguer, Liébot and Pineau-Valencienne


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