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Les Arts Florissants - William Christie Foundation


At the instigation of William Christie and Les Arts Florissants, the Les Arts Florissants - William Christie Foundation, whose application file for recognition of public utility is currently undergoing review at the French Interior Ministry, will regroup all of Les Arts Florissants’ activities, be they artistic, patrimonial or educational.

This foundation will bring together the association Les Arts Florissants and the endowment fund “Les Jardins de Musique de William Christie en Vendée”. It represents the completion of the project to perpetuate William Christie’s work in the field of baroque music and of gardens, and for which the acquisition of the certification ”Centre Culturel de Rencontre” this year, was an important landmark*.

To make this project come true, William Christie made public his decision to donate the whole of his estate in Thiré, which includes notably his house and his gardens, on the occasion of the press conference for the 6th edition of the festival Dans les Jardins de William Christie :

« Almost forty years ago a group of friends and I founded Les Arts Florissants, this ensemble that has allowed me to rediscover the magnificent baroque repertoire and perform it in all of the world’s most prestigious halls. At the same time, in the Vendée, I have accomplished another of my dreams: creating a unique and original garden around my seventeenth-century manor house, which is now the setting each year for the festival Dans les Jardins de William Christie, where we welcome music lovers from all over the world.
Encouraged by these years of success, I now feel it is time to put Les Arts Florissants on a firm footing for the future. We’re doing everything we can to ensure that, by the end of this year, a foundation, recognized by the French government as being of ‘public utility’, will have been established in order to pass on our love of music and gardens to future generations of artists and enthusiasts. And to make is possible, I have decided to bequeath all my properties, including my house and gardens, to the future Foundation Les Arts Florissants – William Christie.
This project is the realisation of the dream of a lifetime. A dream of music, of gardens ; but also a dream of transmission of knowledge and of passions for future generations of artists and audiences. It is here that all my desires converge and it is here that everything begins. This is the start of a great adventure!”
William Christie

If you wish to contribute to the creation of this foundation, Les Arts Florissants are currently looking for major donors.

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* The label « Centre Culturel de Rencontre » et the file for recognition of public utility for the Les Arts Florissants – William Christie Foundation are supported by the French Ministry of Culture, the Région Pays de la Loire, the Département de la Vendée and the Thiré City Council.
Les Arts Florissants receives financial support from the Ministry of Culture and Communication, the Département de la Vendée and the Région Pays de la Loire.
The Ensemble has been in residence at the Philharmonie de Paris since 2015.
The Selz Foundation, American Friends of Les Arts Florissants and Crédit Agricole Corporate & Investment Bank are Principal Sponsors.