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Les Arts Florissants celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2019!


The year 2019 will be an opportunity to celebrate the founding of one of the best-known baroque-music ensembles in the world! With William Christie, Paul Agnew and all the artists of the ensemble, join us and discover the 'Arts Flo experience': (re)creating and transmitting the baroque spirit!



A word by William Christie and Paul Agnew

"This 2019-2020 season, as our Ensemble celebrates 40 years in existence, the Les Arts Florissants - William Christie Foundation is still in its infancy. Both are driven by the same spirit of excellence, openness, generosity and, of course, pleasure - the 'baroque spirit' that has given rise to what we now call the 'Arts Flo style'. 
This anniversary is above all a celebration, true to this wild adventure that began forty years ago, in which so many exceptional artists have played a part. Forty years spent giving new life to a forgotten repertoire, allowing it to resonate with the world today, cultivating the emotion and jubilation of music, and sharing these treasures of the past with future generations. 
After 40 years, Les Arts Florissants continues to flourish, its creativity and love of transmission as vibrant as ever. We aim to share this youthful energy and enthusiasm with the public throughout the year.
Join us in celebrating 40 years of baroque delight and embarking on our next 40 years with even greter joy!"