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The Great Venetian Mass


The Great Venetian Mass


Choir and Orchestra of Les Arts Florissants

Musical direction



Sophie KARTHÄUSER, soprano
Renata POKUPIC, mezzo-soprano

Musical Editions:

Credo : "Edition Ricordi, edited by Gian Francesco Malipiero"
Kyrie : "Edition Ricordi, edited by Francesco Degrada"

Motet "Ostro picta", RV 642, Gloria RV 589, Sanctus, Benedictus, Agnus Dei : Les Arts Florissants, Pascal Duc


Antonio VIVALDI - Kyrie RV.587

Antonio VIVALDI - Gloria, RV 598

Antonio VIVALDI - Credo RV.591

Antonio VIVALDI - Sanctus ( contrafactum d'après le Beatus Vir RV.597/1 et le Dixit Dominus RV 807/7 )

Antonio VIVALDI - Benedictus ( contrafactum d'après le Dixit Dominus RV 807/8) )

Antonio VIVALDI - Agnus Dei ( contrafactum d'après le Magnificat RV 610/1 et 8 et le Kyrie RV 587 )

“It is not always easy to reconstruct the context of a work from the past. In the case of Vivaldi’s famous Gloria, the actual religious service for which the piece was composed is an equation with multiple unknowns, only a few parts of which are known to us today. So we attempted to reconstruct this ordinary mass by taking Vivaldi’s own sacred music as a model and studying the liturgical practices of Venice at that time. This approach allows us to perform the entire mass and, for the first time, to hear Vivladi’s music in the context for which it was created.”

Paul Agnew


Previous dates

Season 2019-2020
  • Wednesday, March 4 2020, 8.30pm
  • Thursday, March 5 2020, 3pm

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