The Les Arts Florissants “Centre Culturel de Rencontre” dedicated to the “baroque spirit” is based on an artistic and cultural project of rediscovery and transmission through music, art and gardens. It is part of a unique and original heritage project which is in a state of perpetual creation: le Bâtiment and William Christie’s gardens are registered in the supplementary inventory of historical monuments, and the Quartier des Artistes, international artistic and cultural campus in the heart of the village.

These venues host events every year which today have become emblematic; such as the Festival Dans les Jardins de William Christie and the Spring Festival – Les Arts Florissants, but also other artistic and educational projects throughout the year. The educational residencies, for work or creation purposes, proposed by the Quartier des Artistes always have a link to the current work of Les Arts Florissants. Sometimes referring to the domaine of baroque music, sometimes to that of architectural heritage and/or gardens, these residencies have multiple aims and ambitions: creation or rehearsal of new musical programmes, landscape creations, horticultural courses, architectural studies of the Quartier des Artistes…

Since its creation, the programme of residencies has developed into a triple perspective, at the same time, regional, national and international. The residents and their projects allow the connection of creation with heritage, artists and local inhabitants, French and foreign partners, professionals, amateurs and learners…all of this in a spirit of transmission, sharing and perpetuation.

"The Les Arts Florissants’ Centre Culturel de Rencontre based on the « baroque spirit » has naturally found its place as part of the cultural landscape of the region and it is precisely this which is its strength. The fruitful dialogue with Madame Denferd, Mayor of Thiré, the Municipal Council and the inhabitants concerning the development of the architectural and landscape heritage of this highly exceptional village should enable the creation of a “Remarkable heritage site” thanks to the support of the State, of the region and of the department."    Yves Dauge, President of the ACCR (Association of the Centres Culturels de Rencontre)