Family workshops


Family workshops offer 50 minutes of listening, participating, performing and learning with a group leader and artists. Each workshop examines a musical aspect specific to Baroque music. Activities are adapted to all ages – grandparents with grandchildren, teenagers looking for things to do with their parents… and curious adults!


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Sessions can be arranged for up to 80 people and generally include:

  • an introduction followed by attentive listening to a musical piece;
  • a game to warm up our voices;
  • participation in a group creation (music piece, stage direction, group song, etc.);
  • and the performance of this creation.

Family Workshops during the Festival Dans les Jardins de William Christie

Les Arts Florissants hold different family workshops every afternoon during the festival Dans les Jardins de William Christie, directed by Sophie Daneman.

Some examples:

  • The Canon!, where parents and children hear and sing the centuries-old musical form of the "canon".
  • Bass, who are you?  examines the Baroque compositional technique of ground bass by helping each participant perform a bass line from a work in the repertoire.
  • Feel the rhythm gave families, in August 2015,  the opportunity to discover this fundamental element of Baroque music, and indeed of all music. Using works performed during the first few days of the Festival, artists led children and parents in games and singing exercises based on dance as a way to emphasise the importance of rhythm in music.
  • Opera of Nations highlights stylistic differences between French, Italian and English opera during the Baroque period. 



Family Workshops throughout the Season

Family workshops are also regularly organised throughout the season in Paris or on the Ensemble's international tours.

In 2015, family workshops will take place during the Philharmonie "Open Doors" weekend as well as in Perth, Australia on the Jardin des Voix tour.