Conte Musical Thire 15 T Juton

Other General Audience Events

“Keys to Listening” Encounters

20 minutes before the start of a concert, a few artists from Les Arts Florissants mingle with the public to share their vision of the composer or of music from the programme that's particularly meaningful to them.


Meet the Conductors

Before a concert, the artistic director of Les Arts Florissants talks with a musicologist or a reporter before a public Q and A session regarding the music programme to be presented.


Artists Meet-up

“Baroque and contemporary”.  In February 2015, soloists from Les Arts Florissants held an open workshop with musicians from the Ensemble Intercontemporain to shed light on the similarities and differences in dealing with their two repertories, Baroque and contemporary.

They will meet again in May 2016 to explore the links between crafting instruments and writing music in the Baroque, then the modern era.


Open Rehearsals

Open rehearsals represent a key moment for the audience. Through this peek into the mysteries of the profession, audience members can listen to and understand the Ensemble’s artistic work.


Dual Perspective at the Museum

A visit with two tour guides took place at the Musée des Beaux-Arts on June 12, 2013, led by Patrick Ramade, museum curator, and Paul Agnew.  The latter shared his personal views on 5 paintings by Rubens, Veronese, Champaigne, Sachi and Giordano before performing music in front of each painting.  Accompanied by lutist Massimo Moscardo, he revealed the aesthetic relationship between these pieces and the chosen painting.


Musical Tales

In the company of a storyteller and an artist: Baroque works were often inspired by stories and tales.  Some music never dies, just as there are some stories that never end… Imagination gives life to stories, buoyed by voices and sometime even bodies taking flight.