Promenades musicales


A performance format created by Les Arts Florissants

The Promenades musicales are fifteen-minute concerts performed simultaneously and repeatedly at various locations within a particular space.  Spectators are free to stroll from one concert and one location to another, enjoying these musical instants as they choose, with close proximity to the musicians.


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Promenades musicales during the festival Dans les Jardins de William Christie

The Promenades musicales are a key part of the festival Dans les Jardins de William Christie, which takes place annually in the town of Thiré. Every afternoon from 3:30 to 7 p.m., a variety of works are performed by artists in different parts of the garden: in the red garden, the cloister, the outdoor theatre, the Cyclops wall, near the Chinese bridge or along the alley of ash trees. During the Festival, the Promenades musicales bring together musicians from New York's Julliard School, soloists from Le Jardin des Voix and musicians from Les Arts Florissants.

Promenades musicales at the Philharmonie de Paris

Promenades musicales are organised during the Philharmonie de Paris' opening weekends - a fabulous way to discover the new building while enjoying close proximity with the artists of Les Arts Florissants.