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The 9th edition of the Academy of Le Jardin des Voix

August 22 2019

Admitted from all parts of the world, the laureates of the 9th edition of Le Jardin des Voix are settling in Thiré for three weeks of intensive work with William Christie, Paul Agnew, Sophie Daneman and Benoît Hartoin.

Since the beginning of August, the village of Thiré has become an artistic campus.

Coming from France, Germany, Italy or Belgium, the seven laureates of the Academy Le Jardin des Voix settled in the Vendean village to work on La Finta giardiniera, a youthful work by Mozart, that they will be presenting on the opening night of the festival Dans les jardins de William Christie.

On the rehearsal program: musical and staging training, an intensive residence lived in high spirits and full of enthusiasm.

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Come and meet the young artists in preview at the festival Dans les jardins de William Christie, before listening to them during their tour in Nantes, Compiègne, Valencia, Moscow and Vienna.