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France Musique honors 40 years of Les Arts Florissants!

May 22 2019

France Musique is a long-standing partner of Les Arts Florissants, each year broadcasting our most beautiful concerts and featuring our artists on their station and on francemusique.fr. For our 40th anniversary year, France Musique has renewed this commitment.

The Arts Florissants' week on France Musique

From December, 15 to 21, France Musique celebrates Les Arts Florissants' 40th anniversary! 

In May on France Musique

Listen to the replay of all the concerts by Les Arts Florisssants, broadcast by France Musique in 2018-2019:

  • Gesualdo, Madrigaux - Book 1 aired on January 29 and is available for replay at  francemusique.fr
  • Dixit Dominus - Vivaldi, Galuppi, Handel aired on March 26 and is available for replay at francemusique.fr
  • Pulse Passion aired on May 15 and is available for replay at francemusique.fr
  • J.-S. Bach’s Saint John Passion aired on May 28 and is available for replay at francemusique.fr
  • Gesualdo, Madigaux - Book 2 aired on August 27 is available on replay at francemusique.fr
  • Gesulado, Madrigaux - Livre 3 capté le 7 octobre et bientôt disponible sur francemusique.fr
  • La finta giardiniera de Mozart / Le Jardin des Voix sera capté le 14 novembre 2019 et diffusé sur francemusique.fr

Other Arts Flo events for our 40th anniversary 

  • Live broadcast of the anniversary concert "Baroque Odyssey” performed at the Philharmonie de Paris on December 21

  • An “Arts Flo day” on the radio station for the special "Arts Flo 40" à la Philharmonie de Paris from 20 to 22 December 2019

  • On the radio station and on francemusique.fr: key interviews with William Christie and Paul Agnew

  • On francemusique.fr: an “Arts Flo 40th anniversary” dossier featuring special coverage, concerts and articles.

Arts Flo archives at francemusique.fr

  • "Arts Florissants" page : get a quick access to all concert broadcasts, radio programs, and articles about Les Arts Florissants 
  • Playlist Arts Florissants 40th anniversary on France Musique Youtube channel

Partner in Arts Florissants album projects

France Musique is also taking part in our Gesualdo’s Madrigals album project, soon to be released, and is a partner in all 2019 releases in Harmonia mundi’s “Les Arts Florissants” collection. 

Choix France Musique CD