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The Ephemeral Garden
Maryvonne Pinault Prize for young landscape gardeners


As part of his work on professional training, exchange and support given to young talent, every year William Christie awards a prize for the creation of an ephemeral garden during the festival Dans les Jardins de William Christie. The ephemeral garden once created constitutes a new setting to which to extend the festival’s musical promenades.


The annual prize for the creation of the ephemeral garden is open to young landscape gardeners. The laureates are chosen by the jury which awards a carte blanche to a young landscape gardener or a duo of young landscape gardeners of its choice. The ephemeral garden constitutes a new setting to which to extend the festival’s musical promenades. The laureate chosen by the jury will have carte blanche to create an original garden, being able to accommodate concerts with eight musicians and about fifty spectators standing or sitting on the ground..


Laureates 2018
Agence A-MAR (Rozenn Duley, Grégory Dubu) 

Laureates 2017
Collectif MaGy (Marguerite Ribstein, Grégory Cazeaux) : « Chœur sauvage »
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Laureates 2016
Atelier Gama (Aurélien Albert, Mélanie Gasté) : « le Radeau musical »
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Laureates 2015
Les Arplanteurs (Simon Cathelain, Hermeline Carpentier) : « A l’ombre de la prairie baroque »
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The Ephemeral Garden’s Jury
• William Christie, musical director, founder of Les Arts Florissants
• Paul Agnew, associate musical director
• Marc Barbaud, artist gardener
• Chantal Colleu-Dumont, director of Chaumont-sur-Loire
• Henry-Claude Cousseau, president of Les Jardins de Musique de William Christie en Vendée
• Joe Disponzio, historian of gardens
• Elodie Fonnard, singer and laureate of the Jardin des Voix 2011
• John Hoyland, conselor for the Glyndebourne gardens
• Maryvonne Pinault, sponsor of the prize